Sep 24, 2010

Yogi Tea Wisdom to Live by

I have a bunch of blog entries sitting in my draft box that have never seen the light of day and probably never will. I worry sometimes that they will just pop out into the bloggesphere, like an evil plan to air out my dirty laundry. And by dirty laundry I mean blog entires that would qualify as incomplete thoughts, unfinished points, and aimless rants at best...

I usually start writing with a purpose. I start with a real thought. One that I hope will intrigue you, make you laugh or at least have you nodding along. And don't think I'm completely insecure in needing your approval, I do also write for myself. After all, that was the whole point of this blog. And then along the way, I get caught up in trying to be "clever," for lack of better word at this time of night. Why do I get in my own way, I wonder. Just write the thing, post it and see what happens!

I think therein lies my problem. I am thoroughly incapable of just writing something (or even at times doing something) without self-critisizing -- This could have been better written; You sound so dumb; What if they don't get it; Really?! Is this the best you can do?! -- it's quite sad, really.

So, before I start questioning this simple, random entry, I have decided to follow the wisdom imparted to me this evening by my Yogi Tea: "A Relaxed Mind is a Creative Mind."

I don't take to preaching at all, but I shall take master Yogi's advice and allow myself to just write without fear.


Haidee said...

Oh, I can certainly relate to that one! I just recently deleted about 10 half written entries that made no sense at all! And some were written but I deemed too depressing so I never posted them. Good luck with your blogging and writing without fear!


Flucky Mom said...

Thanks Mummy in Waiting. I can't bring myself to delete them. I'm hoping I can recycle some of those thoughts for acceptable entries.

christine said...

Ha! I sometimes get worried about what I'm writing as well and I have a few unpublished posts. It's funny what we put ourselves through when all we need to do is relax and be ourselves :).

Great post! ICLW #43

Mon said...

This is coincidence! My last blog post entitled From The Blogoshpere To The Beach or Why I'm Not Blogging This Week, was about this very thing - getting a little space and peace.

I then asked the question (to anyone reading) if they felt that their creativity was enhanced when they managed to get a little space or time away.
I would love to hear your response to that post, if you have the time :)
Personally, I think the more relaxed and centred you are when you write the better.
It works for me :)
Anyhow, it is nice to meet you. ICLW has led me to some very interesting blogs (yours included!) and their authors,
Good luck with your writing..

Mon said...

Ooops, me again. I forgot say I agree with your quote and also just wanted to ask - who or what is your Yogi Tea? I am familiar with a Yogi, but not sure about Yogi Tea.
Could you elaborate?
PS In case I lose your blog listing, feel free to drop by my comment box :)

Sarah said...

I can relate to that, I sometimes write stuff down and then delete it, but I am scare it will make it way out there into the universe.

Happy ICLW

Laurie said...

Good advice for sure. What I write about (anxiety and depression while being pregnant) is not the most positive thing ever and I feel guilty that I am having the feelings that I do when so many women out there would *kill* to be in my shoes. This makes things hard to write sometimes because I truly do not want to hurt anyone.
Sometimes it takes me so long to write a post because I am constantly trying to make things better, grammatically and structurally. Plus I am always trying to infuse humor and/or wit into my posts and most of the time that is just an epic FAIL! lol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think nearly everyone who writes experiences that sort of doubt. Everything seems so much more perfect when it's in your head than on the page. I hope you keep blogging!
Happy ICLW.

Suzy said...

I am exactly the same. I have SO MANY entries in draft that I can't post. I criticise myself far too much on everything. Good luck writing without fear - if you find the secret can you pass it on?? lol

April said...

I understand. I'll go weeks without posting because I can't find the words to finish a post. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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