Finally becoming a parent after coping with infertility for so many years has changed what I thought I knew about myself, about raising kids and about my ability to adapt.

I would like this blog to be a place where other infertility-survivor-moms can come to share and find a new community/connections. Luckily, many of my friends (in real life and virtual) have or are in the process of crossing to the other side. Leaving your fellow IF-friends behind can feel like a losing your friends. Well, here it's like you find them all over again, through the common thread of your pasts. 

But having gotten to the other side of infertility is no longer the sole thing that defines us; we are now moms/parents to the greatest miracles. And motherhood, regardless of how you got here, wipes the slate clean. So, this blog is dedicated to all the moms out there who are doing their best to raise their kids and still maintain their sanity. 

Join me as I share with you what’s it’s like to finally be a mother; how I’m experiencing this new world that felt so out of reach, and most importantly,  laugh with me (or at me, if you must!) at how unprepared I really was for all of this. 

Here's the cast of characters:

Me: 32, came to the US for college, stayed to start my career, met the love of my life, survived infertility, neurotic mom, not sure what she's doing in the 'burbs.

DH: 40,  creative director, the house comedian, passionate, stubborn, my sounding board on everything.

K.: 20 month-old toddler boy, IVF miracle,  spirited, funny, a big flirt, action hero. Growing up multi-cultural and bilingual. 

P.S. I write another blog (www.infertilitydoula.com), which provides emotional and practical support to those who are still dealing with infertility. Some of you might have joined me at Flucky Mom after following me on Infertility Doula. It’s really out of respect for others that I’ve created Flucky Mom, because there’s nothing worse than talking babies/kids while it’s still a struggle for your friends.